Two Fatally Flawed Healthcare Plans Inside of a Flawed Healthcare System updated July 2017

Two Fatally Flawed Healthcare Plans Inside of a Flawed Healthcare System updated July 2017 (full post below)


  • Both Trumpcare and ObamaCare are fatally flawed in intention and execution.
  • Obamacare is not economically viable; Trumpcare lacks compassion.
  • Neither accepts that all Americans are entitled to healthcare like citizens of more compassionate countries (like Cuba)
Here are some well kept secrets: 
  • For insurance company to be profitable they need a lot of healthy people to sign up for their policies and as few sick people as possible. To insure those with pre-existing conditions, the individual mandate must stay in place for insurance companies to make a profit. (The single payer system does not have this problem.)
  • Our country is not a healthy place to live: we live in a high stress, materialistic society, eat and drink poorly, sit on our butts too much, and are driven by a "righteous" competition.
  • The poor are much sicker on average than middle class but do not have the resources or knowledge on average to improve their lot in live, including their health.
How is it that Cuba has decided that all people deserve access to their healthcare system and we have decided that all our people are not entitled to healthcare? Did you know that the Cuban Healthcare System produces better results in terms of the health of their people than our system? (Its good we have kept separate from them for 50 years, otherwise we would start expecting to be as healthy as a Cuban.)
Democrats and Republicans are most concerned with being re-elected. The current strategy of both is to make the other side look bad and blame the other side for all the problems facing us in healthcare (and everything else for that matter). Neither side is bringing serious and well-thought-out-options to the table. There is no easy way out of this mess and few are willing to face the reality we need to re-evaluate all of our assumptions, keep an open-mind and work together to solve this healthcare crisis.

Now let's look at some details of the broken system(s):

The Fine for Obamacare is too Small

Obamacare requires everyone to either sign up for insurance or pay a fine/tax.  The goal was to get everyone that is healthy to sign up for insurance to avoid paying the mandated fine/tax. The problem is the fine was/is too small and people quickly figure out that it's better to just pay the fine and then when you get sick sign up for insurance. Well, what happens is that only sick people sign up for healthcare, especially those with pre-existing conditions- and the rates snowball upward. So, the intention was noble but the mandate did not have enough teeth. (You don't have to like the mandate, but the fact is that the mandate is necessary if you want those with pre-existing conditions to have insurance.)

And as far as the mandate being a tax forced upon all -- well, that is true -- just like I am forced to pay taxes that are used for war. This is a tax forced upon us all to help our neighbors have healthcare. Here's the deal, don't make me pay taxes for the military industrial complex and I will listen to your complaint about not paying taxes for your neighbors. Taxes for war are painful for me, taxes to help my neighbor, not so much.

Trumpcare Approach is Simple and Cruel
The strategy is simple for Trumpcare: don't provide health care for the poor covered by medicaid and cut taxes for the rich. It also allows a two tier insurance system, expensive policies for those with pre-existing and cheaper policies for the healthy. In short, those with pre-existing conditions will just be priced out of the market and have no insurance just like the poor. Simple way to save money, let people die.

Those with jobs will still be okay since there is more or less a mandate that every one in a company has access to healthcare insurance including those with pre-existing conditions and those without  ... the company is mandated to cover all employees.  Which is why it works ...

In short, Trumpcare will price the poor, sick and those with pre-existing conditions out of the healthcare system to make it easier for the rest of us. Yes, it more economically viable for the insurance companies. But, poor people and those with pre-existing conditions would be better off in Cuba than the U.S. for their healthcare needs. Of coure, an American going to Cuba for medical care is against the law in our free country.

We are an Unhealthy Country and a Back-Assward Approach to Healthcare
We have lost our way.  Like an old toothless drunk in a bar that was the tough guy in his youth, we sway in front of the crowd and scream out I AM THE GREATEST.  We are not healthy -- we are stressed out people, in debt, buying stuff and not enjoying the simple pleasures of life.  We have anxiety that leads to addiction, excess drinking and eating, compulsive behavior, working excessively and carrying around a lot of anger and blame.  Yea, you may be the exception, or you may be lying to yourself. But, back to a sharper focus on healthcare.

Our system is based on treating sickness.  Live like you want, work yourself to death, pop pills or have another cocktail to make it through another day, drink that can of sugar water or puff on the cigeratte, or rant at the other political party, and then when your body develops some cracks in the mortar, go see the doctor. Our system is based on beating out the other guy to get the big prize; it is not based on carrying the load together.  Our Military can solve all our problems and the world problems because we know what is best -- we are the greatest. 

How does your healthcare system help you live a healthy life?  What preventative systems does it provide?  Does anyone help you monitor your life, your habits and help you understand the consequences of your actions?  Does anyone help you address your anxieties and anger?  Does anyone help you plan a healthy life style? Isn't the message from our healthcare system:  No need to worry about your lifestyle, just live for today and when you get sick all you need to do is pop a new pill for each new aliment.

When is the last time that you got an assessment of your life expectancy for your living style?  Or a prediction of how many days you will live your life in poor health if you stay on the path you are on?   Of course not, we do not fund such mundane, useless items.  What about helping you eliminate carcogins from your environment?  Oh, that appointment is next week?  What about your report on your level of physical activity and how that is impacting your future?  What about that therapist that is advising you on how to have a happier and more peaceful life?  Not going to happen in our system -- duh.

We Can Afford a Preventive Healthcare System for All

It is a selfish myth that we can not afford a preventative healthcare system for all.  Read about the Cuban Healthcare System.  And don't dare compare the care the wealthy get in this country to the care a common man in Cuba gets.  Compare the poor in this country to the poor in Cuba ... and there is no contest, Cuba ... Cuba!!!!!! wins. 

The hard part of impoving our healthcare system is the self-evaluation of our lifestyle and our priorities in this country that is leading to an increasingly sick country in both mind, body and spirit.  The world is full of countries that can provide a blueprint for universal healthcare.  We just have to be willing to pick it up and follow it.

We need a health care system based on love and compassion for our fellow man.  What we have now is the best medical facilities in the world with access increasingly tied to one's economic position in our GDP machine.

Love and compassion for all -- or hate and fear for "them" --- that is the issue before us.
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Comments (9)

  1. Munkyman

    Socialized medicine wanted to let Charlie Gard die of starvation, We have doctors that have had success with a treatment simply not available in a socialized system. There are medical advances made in nations with socialized care… they tend to be made far more slowly & fewer areas of advancement are explored. The 1st thing to do is to accept that health care IS NOT a human right, I have no right to demand that you spend resources on me… that’s not a right, that’s indenturement. We can also agree that some degree of socialized medicine is of significant value to the whole of the population & a privilege we should be able to afford, without doctors going on strike like they have done several times in France due to terrible conditions when compared to other French professions. You should really look at the economies of these places with heavily socialized systems & see which ones are thriving & why. Then take a good sober look at the failing ones & why… put your rose colored glasses down & honestly pragmatically compare the failing ones to us & tell me you think we’d survive full service public health.
    I appreciate that you still have rose colored glasses, I really do… I still have mine, they don’t see as much used as I’d rather. There has to be a serious discussion of what “we” should cover for any & everyone & what you should have to insure, but only if you want to. If you choose not to insure & you get cancer, you can pay for it yourself, you can volunteer for research or you can opt for a fist full of whatever they’re cutting heroin with… your choice. We don’t have to go through all the things that might work that way.
    If your insurance would qualify as Gold under Obamacare, you should get to use untaxed dollars for it up to the amount of the most expensive Silver plan & the rest should be paid for with taxed income should your income be taxable. That’s not quite what I’m thinking, but it’s short & pretty close.
    You can be compassionate & still understand the bills have to be paid or everyone dies in poverty as the really rich flee & hyperinflation hits like Weimar 1922-23 or Greece today.

    July 17, 2017
    1. RRoe

      If you are rich or on company owned insurance, American health system is the greatest in the world. If you are poor, homeless, or jobless, America healthcare system sucks. Cuba has longer longevity, less infant deaths, etc. with their socialized system. America healthcare works for the rich, not the poor.

      A right is what we chose it to be. There are no rights it is made up construction. In nature, only the strong survive and there are no rights — it is only power. We create rights by what the majority want them to be. It’s artifical. Universal healthcare works in Denmark, Norway, Scandanavian countries, Australia, Cuba, most of Europe, Canada etc. for all, not just the rich. (70 countries I think have universal healthcare. America can’t do what 70 other countries do?)

      Tell me how our healthcare works for the poorest and weakest among us … that is the measure of compassion I go by. I don’t know if you care about compassion and how you judge it, but that is my standard.

      July 18, 2017
      1. Munkyman

        No that is not what a right is, that’s how we got to the idea that some have a right to own others. A right is something you can provide for yourself if left alone to do it.

        July 18, 2017
        1. RRoe

          I would say a right depends on a society making a choice to either give that right to its people, or some of its people, or not. For instance, we have given the right for all people accused of a crime to stand before their accusers in a court of law before a group of their peers and have a trial. It is a right we have given to our citizens (even though we don’t always administer this right fairly or grant it equally to all our citizens). Other countries don’t give this right to their citizens. How do you provide this right for yourself if you are left alone to do it?

          July 23, 2017
          1. Munkyman

            If it’s a societal choice that’s proof it’s not a right, it’s a privilege of association. Rights are things you can do for yourself, a right to work, defend yourself & others, to believe what you want right up to the point where you believe you have the right to entrap or harm me with or because of your beliefs. The Jury Trial is a Constitutional Right, it’s a privilege of association that is not afforded to people who are not tried in the US & many places have no desire for juries of their peers, they find it to be ridiculous. Put together an Amendment that declares Healthcare a Constitutional Right & then it becomes one, you don’t get to say that Happiness & it’s Pursuit obviously includes healthcare & that the right to Life is a reference to free surgeries for junkies working on their 4th heart valve. Pass an Amendment & this is no longer an argument. A Congressional Act is a serious overreach if we’re going to assert it’s now a right.

            July 23, 2017
            1. RRoe

              You are just discussing what is necessary (in your mind) for a “right” to be official. Its an artifical construct in any case. You say a right is determined by an amendment. I agree that is one way for people to declare something to be a right. The right to bear arms comes under this category. I believe most people who agree that we have a right to breath air, even clean air, despite their being no amendment declaring clean air a right. Taxes, such as income taxes or the healthcare mandate, or sales taxes, represent freedom that we have lost as individuals for the perceived good of the whole. The supreme court stated the obvious when they declared the healthcare mandate as a tax. All taxes involve taking money from the individual to give to it to someone else. Denmark for example, has decided all people have the right to food, shelter and medical care.

              As a side note, I believe more evolved societies have more compassion for their fellow man and are more likely to be generous with their definition of what rights people have.

              July 24, 2017
            2. Munkyman

              No I am pointing out the difference between natural rights, those things which are not to be bargained, rights which are really just privileges of association guaranteed to those in the association by their social compacts & things which are generally a right, but by no means guaranteed. I have a right to own my land, until there’s a question of eminent domain. I have a right to my gun until I an convicted of a felony, I have a right to a public education until I’m expelled. I have the right to think what I want & to attempt to defend my person until I am dead.

              July 24, 2017
      2. Munkyman

        Let’s talk about the junkie getting their 3rd heart valve replacement on Medicaid.

        July 18, 2017
  2. Munkyman

    July 18, 2017